Health, Safety & Environmental Protection

Crane & General has a written Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy which is reviewed annually. The last review was dated 4th August 2022 and was undertaken by the company Managing Director. Although this document is not available on this website, the General Policy Statement, document sections and sub-sections are listed to show which subjects are covered.  

General Policy Statement

Crane & General recognises that workplace health, safety and environmental protection are of the utmost importance. Company policy on the management of health, safety and environmental matters is based on the conviction that dangerous incidents, accidents, occupational ill health and environmental pollution are all controllable and, ultimately, avoidable.


Crane & General further recognises that successful management of these matters relies on the co-operation and involvement of the entire workforce, and to this end will contain close contact with employees whilst setting objectives and standards. All employees are expected to comply with the procedures laid out in this document, or elsewhere, and to take all reasonable care for their own safety and for the safety of others. Crane & General will, however, make every effort to keep bureaucracy - formal, prescriptive procedures and rules - to a minimum.


We believe that knowledge and individual empowerment, turning every employee and sub-contractor into a Safety Officer, produces a much more effective, positive and proactive safety culture.


This document serves as an indication of the strong commitment Crane & General has to  health, safety and environmental protection, and that which they expect of every employee and sub-contractor.


1.    General Policy Statement.

1.1  The Health And Safety At Work Etc. Act 1974.

1.2  Statement Of Objectives.

2.    Company Organisation and Responsibilities.

2.1  The Directors.

2.2  Supervisors and Managers.

2.3  Employees.

2.4  Company Safety Officer.

2.5  Sub-Contractors (Conduct).

2.6  Sub-Contactors (Assessment).

2.7  Shared Worksites.

2.8  Health and Safety Commitee.

3.    Accidents and Accident Reporting

3.1  Accidents and Ill Health.

3.2  After an Accident.

3.3  First Aid.

3.4  Accident and Near Miss Reporting.

3.5  Accident and Near Miss Investigating.

3.6  Accident Recording.

4.    Hazard Reporting and Hazardous Substances.

4.1  Hazard Reporting.

4.2  Hazardous Substances.

4.3  The Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

4.4  Manufacturer's Hazard Data.

4.5  Health Risks.

4.6  Asbestos.

4.7  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

5.    Fire Safety.

5.1  Fire Safety Policy.

5.2  Housekeeping.

5.3  Hot Work.

5.4  Emergency Procedure (Fire).

5.5  Fire Extinguishers.

5.6  Flammable Liquids and Gases.

6.    Electrical Safety.

6.1  Electrical Safety Policy.

6.2  Portable Electrical Equipment.

6.3  Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

7.    Environmental Protection.

7.1  Environmental Protection Policy.

7.2  Waste Disposal.

7.3  Noise.

8.    Plant and Equipment.

8.1  Plant and Equipment.

8.2  Maintenance of Plant and Equipment.

8.3  Hired Plant and Equipment.

9.    Safety Management.

9.1  Safety Management Policy.

9.2  Information and Advice.

9.3  Risk Assessment.

9.4  Planned Inspections.

9.5  Protecting the Public.

10.  Lifting Operations.

10.1 Manual Handling.

10.2 Certification

10.3 Banksmen, Slingers and Signallers.

10.4 Lifting Operations Mandatory Procedures.

10.5 Generic Contract Lifting Method Statement (Crane).

10.6 Generic Contract Lifting Method Statement (Hiab).

10.7 Buried Services.

10.8 Trees.

11.   Training.

11.1 Training Policy.

11.2 Induction Training.

11.3 Site Inductions.

12.   Working at Height.

12.1 Definition.

12.2 Access Equipment.

12.3 Ladders.

12.4 Powered Access Platforms.

12.5 Fork Lift Truck Platforms.

12.6 Scaffolding.

12.7 'Quick Fit' Towers.

13.   Drugs and Alcohol.

13.1 Drugs and Alcohol Policy.

14.   Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

14.1 Display Screen Equipment Policy.

15.   Workshop Equipment.

15.1 Workshop Equipment Policy.

15.2 Jacks, Trolley Jacks and Skates.

15.3 Gas and Welding Equipment.

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